We're all busy. And if we're being honest, we have good intentions but for the most part we don't take the time to really see our kids. The baby reaching up for the chair, the way your daughter holds your son, the way your wife looks as she cooks at the stove with the baby on her hip. When it comes down to it, these small collection of moments are the stuff when viewed through the lens of time - are the biggest bits of family life. This is the good stuff. And so often we miss it. Don't capture it. Rush through it.

If you're looking for perfect exposures look elsewhere. Life isn't
perfect, it's a little blurry. Having a collection of images like this
makes the feelings clear. Makes the memories permanent.

Laurie Freitag is more than a photographer. She is a documenter.
Her vision is incomparable. Her documentation is natural and real. Her humanity, and that of our family, comes though in the art.

Phillip Holmes, dad
Los Angeles, CA
November, 2016


The first thing I noticed many years ago about the then 19 year old Laurie Freitag was her smile.  It was the kind of smile that said “I see the world as good, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it while I’m alive”.  And through the lenses of her cameras, she has been seeing the goodness around her in every photograph she takes and in every artistic endeavor she pursues.
Laurie’s early work in television, which included running studio cameras for television news & working with graphic artists, provided her with the requisite knowledge of light and composition that is now clearly etched in her mind and heavily represented in her work.
Laurie captures the wonder of childhood discovery, the flashes of insight, the pure joy of games like hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo and, of course, the acts of defiance and mischief that come naturally to small children.  Plus, an glorious instinct with which she finds just the right light angle and composition/framing.  It just takes my breath away.
Those that have seen other categories of her work know that her work bears watching, in every sense of the word.  Take it from an old friend who became a big fan.
Norm Strassner
Boulder, CO
August, 2016


Laurie’s work is evocative, rich and satisfying, the kind of art that draws an almost physical response it can be so powerful in it’s emotional effect. And yet her photo’s are not harsh or commanding in size or subject. She does not use bold colors or exaggerated perspectives to make her point. She just brings us people in their private worlds, small children in the fascinating land of big, adults lost in their thoughts, humanity caught in the most mundane, everyday moments of their lives, and they are riveting.

She has always been an artist. Photography is simply the medium in which I think all of her talent, her vision, her point of view and her generosity came together and the results are always so satisfying, so unpredictable.

I look forward to seeing each new picture, and love thumbing through her collections. I have no doubt she will expand the scope of her work and experiment in every conceivable way with photographic effects - There is a hint of this in her newer collection Blizzard Jonas.

I and have watched her grow as an artist, experimenting with colors and mediums, and I see that she never stops changing - altering her approach for each new project. However she continues to evolve as an artist, she will remain an incredible visual artist and narrator, who tells tiny stories with wonder and respect for each subject.

Rebecca Downs
Los Angeles, CA
November, 2016